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Aviation Grade External Antennas

Add Aviation Grade External Antenna to your installation to get the optimum range from your PilotAware.

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Product Details

These aviation-grade external antennas are suitable for both Permit registered aircraft, and EASA certified aircraft under CS-STAN Issue 3.

This product consists of a mono-pole antenna that is top loaded with a sphere to give an effectively shorter antenna and to create a factor of reliability and safety. The antenna presents an omni-directional vertically-polarized radiation pattern when mounted to the underside of the aircraft fuselage. It is readily mounted using an “O-ring,” sealed single hole bulkhead-feed-through with a BNC type female connector.

Due to the mono-pole design, a ground plane will be required. For non-metal aircraft skin, It's recommended that a circular aluminium disk of 200x200mm is used.

1090MHz Transponder Antenna:
Frequency: 1030-1090 MHz
Standing Wave Ratio: 1.2:1 at 1090 MHz, 2:1 at 1030 MHz

869.5MHz PilotAware Antenna:
Frequency: 868-869.5 MHz
Standing Wave Ratio: 

Made in USA

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